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Introduction to Reactor Physics 301503467


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•       Nuclear Physics and Radiation Physics courses.


General course objectives


•       Review of relevant studied material in nuclear physics.

Introduction to the following:

•       Concepts in neutron physics.

•       The relevant physics related to nuclear technology:

Ø   Fission chain reaction.

Ø   Neutron diffusion and moderation.

Ø   Heat removal from nuclear reactors.

Ø   Isotope separation.

Ø   …

•       Components of nuclear reactors.

•       Nuclear reactor fuels and fuel cycles.

•       Nuclear reactor theory.

•       Basic concepts of radiation protection and nuclear safety, shielding and waste disposal.

•       Issues and prospects of nuclear power today and in the future.




•       Introduction to Nuclear Engineering. John R. Lamarsh, 3rd edition. Addison-Wesley.

•       Nuclear Reactor Physics. Weston M. Stacey. Wiley.




First Exam


Second Exam


Project, HW’s and quizzes


Final Exam





·         S. T. T.                   13:00 – 14:00


General instructions



•       Homeworks are due after one week unless otherwise announced.

•       Remarks or questions marked in red in the presentations without being announced as homeworks should be also seriously considered!

•       Some tasks can (or should) be sent by email.


Will be announced and discussed in class.


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Lecture Notes and Exams


•       Part 1.

•       Part 2.

•       Part 3.

•       Part 4.




Useful Downloads


Physical constants [nist].

Atomic masses [nist].

NuChart [Canberra].

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