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Nuclear Physics 301503363


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General course content

       Introduction and terminology.

       Nuclear properties.

       Binding energy and nuclear stability.

       Spin, parity and moments.

       Nuclear forces.

       The structure of the nucleus.

       Nuclear models.

       Nuclear reactions: energetics and general cross-section behavior.

       Neutron moderation, fission and fusion.




       Introductory Nuclear Physics by K. S. Krane.




First Exam


Second Exam


Quizzes and HWs


Final Exam





         Sun. Tue. Thu. 12:00-13:00


General instructions



       Homeworks are due after one week unless otherwise announced.

       Remarks or questions marked in red in the presentations, without being announced as Homeworks, should be also seriously considered!

       Some tasks can (or should) be sent by email.


Announcements ZZZZZZ


       Monday, September 17th: Read Chapter One (Basic Concepts).

       Thursday, November 8th: First Exam.


Lecture Notes and Exams


1-       Part-1.

2-       Part-2.

3-       Part-3.

4-       Part-4.

5-       Part-5.



1-       Atomic masses and isotopic compositions.

2-       Constants.

3-       NuChart.