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Experimental Techniques in Nuclear Physics 501503744 



Instructor Saed Dababneh               Homepage            email: alternatively


The course will cover the following general subjects:

·         Radiation sources and interactions.

·         Counting statistics.

·         General properties of radiation detectors.

·         Gamma spectroscopy with scintillation and semiconductor detectors.

·         Neutron detectors.

·         Detection of charged particles, RBS and channeling.

·         Nuclear electronics, instrumentation and pulse processing.

·         Concepts in accelerator applications.

·         In addition to topics in quantitative measurements and minimum detectable limits. scattering and attenuation of radiation, examples on chemical and biological effects of radiation, radiation dosimetry, radiation protection, ionization chambers, background radiation, background suppression techniques, passive and active shields, time-of-flight technique and activation methods.




Mid-term Exam






Final Exam





Tuesdays 15:00 – 18:00


General instructions



•       Homeworks are due after one week unless otherwise announced.

•       Remarks or questions marked in red in the presentations without being announced as homeworks should be also seriously considered!

•       Some tasks can (or should) be sent by email.


•       Small projects are due after 2 weeks unless otherwise announced.

•       Main project will be discussed in class.



Lecture Notes and Exams


1-       General introduction and overview.

2-       Signal processing and introduction to nuclear electronics, PHA and spectrometry.

3-       Part-1.

4-       Part-2.

5-       Part-3.

6-       Part-4.

7-       Midterm exam with digital spectrum for Q2.






1.       Lecture 14-02-08. GENERAL INTRODUCTION: brain storming, course content, signal processing, concepts in radiation detection, background radiation etc….

2.       Lecture 21-02-08 PDF [2632 kB].

3.       Visit to radiation lab. Discussed among other things efficiency calibration of HPGe detectors.

4.       Lecture 05-03-08 PDF [615 kB].

1.       Lecture 06-03-08 PDF [1213 kB].

2.       13-03-08 A presentation on digital electronics (ADC, DAC, DSP, Flash ADC, …) by Mr. M. Shaderma, followed by a presentation (given by the students) on neutron sources.

3.       Lecture 25-03-08 PDF [2479 kB].

4.       Lecture 27-03-08 PDF [885 kB].

5.       Lecture 10-04-08 PDF [1909 kB] in addition to a lecture on the electronics of gamma-ray spectrometers by Mr. M. Shaderma.

6.       Lecture 16-04-08 PDF [1265 kB] and the presentation (prepared by student) about charged particle interactions.

7.       Lecture 17-04-08 Using SRIM in addition to discussion about the last lecture.

8.       04-05-08 Midterm exam PDF [546 kB].

9.       Lab 08-05-08. From now on, the lab is open daily.

10.    Lecture 15-05-08 Experimental techniques in accelerator applications (Chapter 5 in Rolfs).


Lecture Notes (2006/2007) are not available online … !!


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